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Academics/Trade Skills

boys ranch for troubled boysThis is truly our strong point: Through Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC’s strong academic program, plus hands-on ranching and farming, young men develop:

  • Self-worth and dignity
  • Positive work ethic
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Practical life skills

Each young man is enrolled in the nationally accredited Home Study Program through Our Lady of the Rosary School. Boys also learn that they have control over their actions and reactions when challenged in harsh environments.

The Academic Program

Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC offers complete educational services, including a schoolroom, quarterly exams, report cards, tutoring services, and course materials. Each student receives a separate curriculum based on past credits earned and focusing on basic requirements for a high school diploma. Your child can achieve a high school diploma.

Older and academically advanced students engage in philosophy and advanced mathematics and science. Students learn at their own pace and receive individual attention. This helps those with learning disabilities, motivational challenges, and disruptive behaviors. We encourage students to take control of their education—our goal at Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC. Many struggling students catch up with their age group within a year. In an environment stripped bare of distractions, most struggling boys focus on their studies, motivated by a desire to complete the curriculum and return home. During our 18-month long-term residency program, many students develop self-taught abilities that serve them well in pursuing higher education.

boys ranch ranch for boysThe Vocational Experiences & Trade Skills

In addition to our strong academic program, Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC offers experiences in vocational work and trade skills that expose at-risk teens to alternative professions. Students can earn high school elective credits through the various vocational works and trade skills they experience and learn at Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC. We provide many first-time, hands-on experiences to help each young man discover his God-given interests, talents, worth and potential. Triangle’s natural setting takes them ‘outside-the-box’ as they tackle new physical challenges. The skills a boy develops while working on the ranch can potentially lead him to profitable careers, adding a sense of enjoyment and fulfillment to his work. Students also participate in wildlife and range management, equipment maintenance and repair, welding, carpentry, horticulture, animal husbandry, veterinary assistance (calf vaccination and delivery at birth), horsemanship, and horseshoeing. Some work in operating farm equipment (tractor, backhoe, bulldozer), crop irrigation, and caring for baby calves.

Cowboy Equine Counseling

Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC realized early on that horses heal troubled or wounded young men. President Ronald Reagan once said, “The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man.” We often find that the temperament and disposition of horses reflect those of the riders. The relationship of each boy at Triangle develops with his favorite horse forms during real ‘working’ situations. The young man has to practice kindness, patience, attention, and courage to get the desired response from the animal. The guys quickly learn you cannot strong-arm or bully the horses while working on horseback. These critical interactions between horse and young cowboy help build a sense of dignity and esteem while repairing destructive relational habits in many struggling teens.