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Triangle Cross Ranch Steps for Admission

Triangle Cross Ranch runs a year-round program, and can accept new students at any time. We base acceptance on a combination of reviews of the student’s current and past history of behavior and consultation with the student’s parents or sponsor.

Triangle Cross Ranch help struggling teenage boys (ages 10-17) change and prepare for life ahead by teaching the values and skills needed for success in the real world.

We serve boys ho have a history of mild to moderate emotional and behavioral problems, low self-esteem, defiance, academic underachievement, substance abuse issues, and/or family conflict.

Step 1: Evaluate

First, you’ll need to help us determine if your son will be a good fit for the types of young men we work with at Triangle Cross Ranch & Trade School. You can do this by reading over our student profile and completing a quick online admission interview form. Triangle Cross Ranch & Trade School does not offer services to boys who are homeless, possess criminal infractions, or have an intellectual disabilities.

Step 2: Contact a Counselor

When you’ve decided that your son will be a good fit for Triangle Cross Ranch & School, you’ll need to speak with an Admissions Counselor. Call (307) 645-3322 to help confirm your decision, and answer any questions you may have. We also help evaluate whether you insurance will cover treatment costs and offer finance suggestions if needed. Then you can know your monthly out-of-pocket expenses for treatment. You may also set up a ranch tour with your Admissions Counselor. 

Step 3: Complete the Application Packet

To begin the application process, please complete the admissions application form here: https://trianglecrossranch.com/admission-form/. You can also arrange for your son’s transportation to Triangle Cross Ranch. Parents are welcome to travel to TCR with their son, and we do not recommend that he flies to Yellowstone Regional Airport alone. We can help you make arrangements for transport with our transportation service for an additional fee.

Step 4: Enrollment and Evaluation

Once your son arrives at Triangle Cross Ranch & School, we ensure that all enrollment details are complete, and we will arrange for an educational and therapeutic evaluation.

Please call an Admission Counselor now. (call 307-645-3322)

As a Christian Therapeutic Treatment Residential Program, we offer troubled teen boys a temporary home. If you child needs helps, please contact us immediately to see if Triangle Cross Ranch & Trade School can benefit your son.

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