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Benefits of Outdoor Activities at Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC

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With over 30 years of experience with boys (ages 10-17), Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC enlists an expert life coach, therapists and mentors to instill principles of family and love, as well as the “Cowboy Code of the West” – an honorable, manly approach to life that is still alive and well in Wyoming.  This approach is based on our strong Catholic faith, and we accept families from all Christian traditions. Our experienced, caring and committed staff helps teen boys improve their academics, and provide vocational and technical trade school education. Give us a call to learn more about our unique program at Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC.

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Benefits of Outdoor Activities

Experts say that outdoor learning is quite beneficial to students because it makes them healthier and happier, and they do better academically. The various benefits include: 1

  1. Students who get to experience an outdoor learning environment tend to be more attentive and, therefore, have a better recollection of the information that was shared.
  2. Consistent exposure to nature decreases stress and anxiety, helps elevate mood, and helps with emotion.
  3. Children often have too much exposure to digital screens via televisions, computers, and cell phones. This can result in a “nature deficit disorder,” which may lead to obesity and possible psychological and academic issues. Outdoor learning allows students to put their focus back on nature.
  4. Outdoor environments naturally inspire children to be more physically active.
  5. Exposure to bright sunlight found in nature is also healthy for vision. Bright sunlight is necessary for the eyes to develop properly, lowering the risk of nearsightedness.
  6. In outdoor settings, children are more motivated to work together in groups, which can improve their social skills. They learn to manage conflicts, communicate, and cooperate with their peers in a more effective manner.
  7. Outdoor learning provides children with hands-on experiences in nature. Most children learn better by using their senses. Outdoor environments provide the perfect place to do this. Instead of viewing different types of plants or wildlife on a computer or TV screen, they can see, smell, hear, and touch them in nature. Students can even start a garden and grow fruits and vegetables, which may have them wanting to sample their harvest. These hands-on experiences cultivate a love of nature and get them.1

Outdoor education and play support emotional, behavioral and intellectual development. Studies have shown that students who learn outdoors develop: a sense of self, independence, confidence, creativity, decision-making and problem-solving skills, empathy towards others, motor skills, self-discipline and initiative. 2
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Learning outdoors is active and increases students’ physical, mental and social health. Some studies have even shown follow-up (e.g., non-school) physical activity increases with outdoor learning. Access to nature has also been shown to decrease the symptoms of ADHD. Outdoor learning and access to nature also decrease stress levels of students and teachers. 2

A number of studies have documented increased school performance through outdoor education. Research has document increased standardized test scores, enhanced attitude about school, improved in-school behavior, improved attendance and overall enhanced student achievement when students learn in and about nature. In addition, outdoor education effectively employs a greater range of children’s intelligences. Many researchers contribute the increase in performance to increased relevance and hands-on experience of learning outdoors.  2

Outdoor Activities and Learning at Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC

boarding schools troubled teen boysHere on the 50,000-acre working ranch and farm in rustic Wyoming, troubled young boys, ages 10-17, experience important life lessons that change them for good. Young men at Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC face physical challenges daily caring for 1,000 cattle on our working cowboy ranch. Plus, in the classroom and workshop, students must tackle their academic/trade school goals.

On the ranch, we assign chores based on each boy’s capabilities in the current season, and find a specific type of work to spark their interest. Chores, depending on season, include: horse care, feeding baby calves, participating in cattle drives, building fences, repairing and maintaining ranch vehicles and farm equipment.

When a Young Teen Boy Needs Help

At Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC, therapists address your son’s mental and behavioral issues, and create an individual treatment plan for him. We also provide nutritious meals, and healthy outdoor activities on the ranch, and on the trail. We want each young teen boy to experience and learn the lessons of a lifetime, as well as improve his daily life behavior, and relationships back home with family.

If you have a loved one or a son showing at-risk behavior, or signs of emotional distress, call us today. Our caring staff will answer any questions you may have about the program, and our wilderness ranch facilities. Call today to see if Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC is right for your son.   (307) 645-3322.

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