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Boys Hurt by Alcohol Abuse

Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC Wants to Help Your Teen Boy Suffering From Alcohol Abuse

behavioral school for boysTeens tend to use alcohol or drugs to alleviate negative moods, to increase confidence, to reduce tension, to cope with problems, to lose inhibitions, to enhance sex or to lose weight. These are just some of the reasons why teens use alcohol and other substances. But our behavioral school for boys also knows that some deep underlying issue brings the substance use to the surface. Finding these issues is paramount in fighting the battle of use and addiction.

Some Eye-Opening Statistics About Teens and Alcohol Use

Approximately one-third of all teenage boys have their first alcoholic drink, more than a few sips, before entering high school. Teenage and preteen youth are starting to drink at younger ages than ever before. Today, teens report that they begin to drink alcohol before the age of 13. This is especially disturbing since teens who participate in alcohol use early in life are at greater risk of becoming alcoholics.

Nearly half of high school students drink alcohol and more than 1 in 4 binge drink, consuming five or more drinks on the same incident. Nearly 1 in 5 of 8th grade teens drink alcohol and more than 1 in 10 binge drink.

Teenage boys who are heavy drinkers, consuming more than seven drinks per week, are five times more likely to have sex without protection, than teens who do not drink.

How You Can Help Teen Boys Avoid Alcohol Use and Abuse

Family involvement and support are important in preventing substance use among teenage boys. Feeling connected to school and achieving good grade reports may be a strong motivator for those in high risk. This is especially useful when considering that poor school performance in adolescent boys increases the risk for alcohol and drug use in early adulthood. Programs that provide teens with positive role models may improve chances that they will not drink prematurely.

Triangle Ranch Offers Troubled Teen Boys a Life-Changing Experience

behavioral school for boys
If your family is struggling with a son who is using, experimenting, or abusing alcohol, please call our boys ranch today. Find out how our approach to “Reality Therapy” can help your at-risk teen boy at Triangle Cross, a behavioral school for boys. Our experienced, caring and committed staff also provides strong academics as well as trade school education. On our remote, 50,000-acred working cattle ranch and farm located in Wyoming, near Yellowstone National Park, troubled teen boys receive the individualized care and attention that they need. Please call us today at (307) 645-3322. We’re here to help!