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Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC Boys Ranch

Welcome to Triangle Cross boys ranch, a special place where your son will learn the lessons of a lifetime.

Every boy has dreamed of being a cowboy. Picture your boy helping round up one thousand cattle on horseback in America’s breathtaking Yellowstone Park region!  Life struggles that impact pre-teens and teens in today’s culture disappear as boys understand important life principles and academics in a unique, transformational approach.

With over 30 years of experience with boys (ages 10-17), Triangle Cross enlists an expert life coach, therapists and mentors in our approach to instill principles of family and love as well as the “Cowboy Code of the West” – an honorable, manly approach to life that is still alive and well in Wyoming.  This approach is based on our strong Catholic faith, and we accept families from all Christian traditions. We call this “Reality Counseling” and your son will never be the same. Our experienced, caring and committed staff provides strong academics as well as trade school education

Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC school for troubled teens offers a 50,000-acre working ranch and farm in rustic Wyoming, where troubled young boys, ages 10-17, experience important life lessons that change them for good. Struggles in today’s culture quickly fade as boys understand key principles taught at Triangle Cross. And here’s where your boy’s spiritual, physical and mental transformation begins!

Young men face physical challenges daily caring for 1,000 cattle on our working cowboy ranch. Plus, in the classroom and workshop, students must tackle their academic/trade school goals. Working, learning, and riding side by side, students travel new paths that lead to new life perspectives.

Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC boys ranch staff promotes Christian family principles and demonstrates Christ’s love to every at-risk boy enrolled at Triangle Cross Ranch. Our team provides personal attention, focused academics, and trade school education — what each student needs based on his strengths, skills, and interests. 

“Helping At-Risk Young Men Renew Their Mind, Body & Spirit. Through the love of Christ, we aim to educate the mind, strengthen the body, and elevate the spirit of each at-risk young man at Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC. Healing transformation begins when struggling young men recognize that life is sacred and discover their God-given talents in His wonderful Creation.” Executive Director Jerry Schneider

That’s why, as Christians, we create and use an authentic cowboy experience to heal mentally, emotionally troubled, wounded young men, ages 10-17. We help them find new life filled with Christlike love.

Our back-to-basics, log-style buildings on a remote, rural ranch in Wyoming helps your young man appreciate what you provide for him back home. He learns not to take his opportunities for granted and opens up to gratitude in this life that helps him journey through it. The young men that join Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC leave with a deeper respect for authority, self-discipline, and the work ethic that helps them successfully transition into adulthood.

Triangle Cross Ranch boys ranch offers a strong educational program that includes academic curriculum, vocational and technical training for troubled boys. Triangle Cross Ranch is licensed by the state of Wyoming. The combination of a working ranch environment, personal relationships with staff, teen residents, and expert life coach and mentorship, form the key to success. As a struggling boy turns away from problematic behavior, risky behaviors, he moves into a cowboy-influenced culture of truth, faith, honesty and determination. Many young men today suffer from a lack of responsibility. On the ranch, we assign chores based on each boy’s capabilities in the current season, and find a specific type of work to spark their interest.

Chores, depending on season, include:
  • horse care,
  • feeding baby calves,
  • participating in cattle drives,
  • building fences,
  • repairing and maintaining ranch vehicles and farm equipment
  • and more

Executive Director, Jerry Schneider, says, “Struggling boys desire to feel needed.  They need to believe that they are important to the day-to-day well-being of their family.  On the ranch, they learn quickly that they are vitally important to the ranch family.  Boys respond and grow when they truly believe they are part of something bigger than themselves.” By accepting these responsibilities, the troubled teen boys learn self-discipline. They quickly see that the work is necessary for the survival of the ranch. They also learn cooperation, which promotes self-esteem. Experiencing personal responsibility often motivates boys to complete their schoolwork—we call this Reality Counseling.

This is truly our strong point: Through Triangle Cross Ranch’s strong academic program, plus hands-on ranching and farming, young men develop:
  • Self-worth and dignity
  • Positive work ethic
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Practical life skills
As President Ronald Reagan once said, “the outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man.”  We often find that the temperament and disposition of horses reflect those of the riders. The relationship of each boy at Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC develops with his favorite horse forms during real ‘working’ situations. The young man has to practice kindness, patience, attention, and courage in order to get the desired response from the animal, The guys quickly learn that you cannot strong-arm or bully the horses while working on horseback. These key interactions between horse and young cowboy help build a sense of dignity and esteem, while also repairing destructive relational habits in many struggling teens.

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