Catholic Troubled Teens

Triangle Cross Ranch is a Catholic Troubled Teens Ranch, dedicated to providing troubled boys with an adventurous and unique treatment opportunity. We inspire at-risk teenage boys to grow emotionally, spiritually, and therapeutically while assisting them in overcoming their behavioral shortcomings, which thus far, have been detrimental to their lives.

Our Catholic Troubled Teens Ranch lasts anywhere between 6 – 18 months. We actually recommend enrolling a struggling teen for the full extent of 18 months, as we have found that 18 months is the amount of time required to truly transform a teenage boy’s negative behavior and way of thinking. Moreover, those who stay for the full duration of our program experience our program in its full entirety and therefore, are able to obtain all of the spiritual and therapeutic wellness that we are able to provide.

Frustrated Parent of a Catholic Troubled Teens?

If you are a frustrated parent of a troubled teenage boy, please call Triangle Cross Ranch, a Catholic Troubled Teens that parents can trust in changing their teen’s negative lifestyle into a more positive, successful, and overall complete way of living.
You can reach us anytime at (307)645-3322. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning our unique, ranch styled, long-term residency program.

Individual Treatment for Troubled Boys

Catholic Troubled Teens
Catholic Troubled Teens

Providing young Catholic Troubled Teens with their own individual treatment plan, we are able to gain insight into their interests, creative abilities, short-comings and talents. It is this form of therapy that enables us to gain the teen’s trust.
Once he understands that we are not just a service to be paid for, but rather an ally who truly does care about him as an individual, the teenage boy will open up and allow us to therapeutically intervene.

Our program is very unique from almost all others in the competitive industry of troubled teen treatment. We are a ranch located in the one of the most desolate of places imaginable. Distractions that the outside world bestow on teenage boys is an inconvenience that is simply non-existent at our ranch. This simple way of life, though difficult at first, will be an all-new, exciting way of life that every boy should get the opportunity to appreciate.

Equine Therapy

We also provide an exciting and unique form of treatment known as, “equine therapy.” Equine therapy is a crucial part of our program designed to reach young men in such a way that other, more traditional programs couldn’t even fathom. Teenage boys will feed, groom and take care of the horses almost as soon as they arrive. This in itself can be a unique opportunity for teenage boys who have never even seen a horse. One can imagine how this is able to provide powerful, therapeutic healing.

Progressive Academic Curriculum

While we are a Catholic Troubled Teens ranch that offers unique therapeutic techniques, such as equine therapy, we also hold academics in high regard, providing teenage boys with a unique way of learning. Our academic curriculum is a non-restricting one, allowing advanced students the opportunity to truly go at their own, naturally faster pace without being restricted by other students’ ability to retain information. Furthermore, a student that struggles with scholastic activities will be given the extra attention and academic guidance that public schools neglected to provide him.
Triangle Cross Ranch, much more than just a Catholic Boys Ranch…

To say the Catholic Troubled Teens Ranch at Triangle Cross is unique, would be a drastic understatement. To narrow our one-of-a-kind, therapeutic, spiritual and healing treatment program down to one simple term, is not only misleading but almost a blatant disservice to our once in a lifetime opportunity that we provide at our ranch. While we are a ranch that serves troubled boys, we are also a community that works together to overcome obstacles and hardships that boys’ previously thought too difficult to endure. We are men that are not afraid of the many adventures that the great outdoors provide. We are men learning through our own personal journeys while appreciating the company of others and assisting our brothers on their own excursions and struggles, as we know they would surely do for us. We are the old and young men of Triangle Cross Ranch, which some will mistake as just a “Catholic Boys Ranch for Troubled Teens.

For more information pertaining to our program or enrollment process, please call us today at (307)645-3322.

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