Like all the other activities that the struggling teens of Triangle Cross Ranch experience, the mountain rangelands that we run cattle on during the summer months provide a rugged working environment that:

  • Challenges inner resources
  • Improves their attitudes
  • Re-builds their self-esteem 
  • Establishes a sense of dignity.

The boys will help manage the ranch through various projects and chores and teaches the boys to work hard physically and mentally to finish a task.

Managing A Ranch

image2The rangeland the boys of Triangle Cross Ranch maintain during the summer months is an area that is about 40 square miles in size.  Some of the work your son will experience when on the mountain includes driving cattle, riding horses, repairing water lines and fences, as well as roping and doctoring cattle on the open range. Your son will see the cattle through, in the mud, through snow-capped valleys, and in the high mountain terrain along the edges of Yellowstone National Park. These boys learn both respect and a willingness to continue on your ride even they think they cannot continue. Learning the importance of communication and seeing a task through the end. While back on the ranch they will learn how to use the resources they are given and will learn to keep going when they think they cannot. It’s hard work and requires both respect and a willingness to continue on your ride even when the going gets rough.

The Importance of Ranch Management

Simply put, this is an experience of a lifetime not offered anywhere else: this challenging work humbles grown men and will bring a sense of peace and healing to your son. He will encounter God and himself in nature where, at its most raw and extreme form, he will cowboy with the best cattle bosses in the business who will teach him the tricks of the trade.

Inner resources: The boys learn about things they’ve never had to think about. Allowing them to find solutions to problems they face on the ranch through resources made available. The boy’s minds will be challenged and will grow through the experience.

Improves their attitudes: Upon realizing that a sour attitude will not get them out of doing difficult jobs or things they don’t want to do. Boys will be expected to manage the ranch come rain or shine. 

Re-builds both their self-esteem: Seeing their finished work be it mending a broken fence, finishing a cattle drive or roping cattle, they will see the worth in the work they finish. 

A sense of dignity: The boys will finish a task and will not only have greater respect for ranchers working every day but will also feel worth within themselves offering them joy and happiness.

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Offering a solution to families dealing with the negative effects their son’s environment has on their son by providing a cultural change in a location that is free of social media and other technology and is far removed from the temptation of drugs, alcohol, sex, and peer pressure. We will help rebuild the moral conscience of the boys in our care; enabling them to find the light of Christ and regain stability in their lives.

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