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Expert Teen Therapy

With over 30 years of helping boys renew and grow, our expert life coaches, mentors, counselors, and experienced, committed staffers promote Christian family principles and demonstrate Christ’s love to every at-risk boy enrolled at Triangle Cross Ranch. Our program involves living, working, praying and overcoming obstacles together, as a team. As a struggling boy turns away from problematic behavior, alcohol and drugs, he moves into a Christian, cowboy-influenced culture of truth, honesty and determination. By centering their moral compass, angry, frightened and confused young men find the guidance they need to live a healthy life, and form good relationships with family, and friends. The young men that join TCR’s program leave with a deeper respect for authority, self-discipline, and the work ethic that helps them successfully transition into adulthood.

Triangle Cross Ranch uses a network of mental health professionals, educational consultants, recovery coaches, social workers, spiritual directors, youth mentors, and vocational/technical instructors in order to provide dynamic and effective service plans for the struggling teens who enter our program. By having a service team that is composed of both direct program employees and contract professionals, Triangle Cross Ranch is able to draw upon the many external resources available in our local community to create a collaborative system of care that will benefit your son.

We provide Christian therapy and counseling for the following:

*Parental Control                 
*Impulsive behavior  
*Abandonment Issues 
*Academic underachievement
*Social interaction *Suspension or expulsion
*Adoption issues 
*Anxiety *Anger Management
*Emotionally troubled *Rebelliousness and defiance
*Divorce reaction *Poor peer choices
*Peer/sibling conflict *Depression
*Sexual promiscuity *Low self-esteem
*Occult involvement *Narcissistic behavior
*Porn addiction