The Triangle Cross Ranch Catholic Residential Therapeutic Boarding School Family Therapy Program

The Triangle Cross Ranch Boarding School for Troubled Teens Family Therapy Program

“Before the conference, I had a bit of an attitude that it would be the same old thing, since this was not my first and felt like I had heard it all. Well I found out differently and attended some excellent sessions…” –Parent

Parenting Teens with Love and Logic® – Part of our Programs for Troubled Teens

Three times a year the Triangle Cross Ranch for troubled teens offers a three-day Love and Logic parent conference, during which parents have the opportunity to meet other families, the staff, and teachers, learn relationship skills and learn about our boarding school for troubled boys.motivate

Love – Maintaining a healthy relationship and empowering your teen to make his own mistakes.

Logic – Understanding that our kids can solve their own problems and as parents we will not bail them out. They have the power to solve problems on their own. When parenting with love and logic you do not have to own your teen’s problems, it takes away the threats, anger and lecturing.

The conference describes how the Triangle Cross Ranch deals with adolescents and their issues through troubled teen programs. The workshops help parents understand their teens and our troubled youth programs so that they can build better relationships and have harmony at home when they return.

At the conference, the Triangle Cross staff helps to answer parent questions about their relationship with their son. We ask parents:

  • Do you worry about your teen’s attitude?
  • Are your tired of the arguing and negotiating?
  • Do you wish there was a better way to discipline than grounding?

If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, then the Triangle Cross Ranch Parenting With Love and Logic class is for you.

The Triangle Cross Ranch “Becoming a Love and Logic Parent” workshop provides practical tools and advice that can help you discover new approaches to:

  • Get your teens to listen… the first time
  • End the whining, arguing, and negotiating
  • Deliver effective consequences

The Triangle Cross troubled boys ranch Love and Logic Parent workshop was designed specifically for parents of teenagers, but the principles apply to children of all ages.

During the class, parents will receive instruction on how to parents build healthy, strong relationships with their struggling teen that will last a lifetime. Activities include:

  • Videos of the founders of the Love and Logic Institute, Inc .telling stories
  • Review and discussion of the video content
  • Hearing real-life parenting success stories using the skills
  • Performing simple exercises to bring the concepts to life
  • Asking questions about specific parenting issues
  • Problem solving with other parents
  • Role playing
  • Having more fun than you expect

Throughout the conference, topics include:

How to Set Limits with Teens – Discovering techniques to end whining, arguing, and negotiating, plus learning about consequences other than taking things away and grounding.

Are you Picking a Fight or Setting a Limit? – Learning the language of effective limit setting and learning how to get cooperation the first time you ask.

Problem Solving with your Teen – Understanding how to guide your teen to solve their own problems and learn how to get your teen to contribute to family chores.

For more information on our programs for troubled youth, call Triangle Cross Ranch today: (307) 645-3322.