Horsemanship Program at Triangle Cross Ranch

HorseridingHorsemanship is an essential component of our programs for troubled youth. Like the young men at Triangle Cross Ranch, our horses come from many backgrounds and include Quarter Horses, Arabian, Paint Horse, and Mustangs. For most boys, bonding with a particular horse creates an immediate and profound connection. This proves the old saying, “the outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man.”

However, it’s also true that “many horses make a horseman.” Because of this, we expose boys to multiple horses shortly after they arrive. Some at-risk troubled teens have never been close to a horse, or even seen one in person, and the experience can contribute greatly to a young man’s healing process.

Equine Therapy

Students ride horses as part of our troubled teen program. Combined with our outdoor work adventure, this helps young men overcome substance abuse and other behavioral issues. During the lifestyle changes that boys go through upon arrival, the horse plays an important role in the “Real Life” therapy for the troubled youth. Several staff members here at Triangle Cross Ranch are certified in equine therapy and they use horses to assist the young men in our troubled youth programs in recognizing and overcoming his problems.

The troubled troubled teen will also learn things about range management, natural spring development, and living the “simple” way of life. During these lifestyle changes, the horse plays an important role in the “Real Life” therapy for the troubled youth. As part of our equine therapy program, the horse is used to determine and assist the troubled teen in recognizing his problems and how to deal with them. As a man develops a relationship with his new environment and becomes more knowledgeable and responsible, he will be allowed to experience more of the daily chores and events that make ranch life a maturing and challenging life experience.

Ranch Living

As at-risk troubled teens enter our initial Program they are introduced a simpler, but more demanding life. And while each teen is expected to pull his own weight and contribute to the completion of daily chores, this is not a “boot camp” for troubled teens. At our boarding school for troubled boys, they live in a log house and cook their food in a log kitchen or outdoors. These physical tasks help develop a culture and attitude of care and responsibility in a teen boy.

Aside from caring for horses, other duties include:

  • Irrigate crops
  • Grow a vegetable garden
  • Assist in the harvest of hay and corn
  • And more…

What is learned on the ranch has a direct connection to life when teens return home. For example, when they are assigned the task of feeding horses every day, that responsibility translates into making his bed at home or keeping his room clean.

If you want your son to appreciate all that has been provided for him by you, then our troubled boys’ ranch is the place to start. Young men in our program leave here with a deeper respect for authority, self-discipline, and a new work ethic that will help them be successful in holding down a job or continuing their education.

More About Triangle Cross Ranch

cowboy on horseOur Triangle Cross Ranch develops the minds, bodies, and souls of troubled teen men through active involvement in a ranching environment. As a boarding school for troubled teens, boys in our program develop a sense of accomplishment at mastering new skills and learning how to work and communicate as part of a team.

The greater self-esteem produced by living the ranch life is evident in increased respect for people, authority, the environment, and God.

Please call our friendly team for more information about our program!