“By unfolding the boy’s mind as God created him, on a 50,000 acre working cattle ranch,
located in the northwest corner of Wyoming near Yellowstone National Park.”


For over 22 years, Jerry Schneider, owner and founder of Triangle Cross Ranch (TCR), has provided successful programs for troubled teens that help them understand the value of honesty, integrity, hard work, and dedication.

As a leader in helping at-risk youth, Jerry and his staff have restored over 500 troubled teenage boys.”

Our troubled youth programs offer your son an alternative to the negative influences that may perpetuate behavior such as:

  • Truancy
  • Acting out
  • Fighting
  • Poor school performance
  • Parental disrespect
  • Substance abuse (Active member: Assn. for Addiction Professionals)
  • And more…

On our authentic, 50,000 acre working Wyoming cattle ranch, your son will begin to understand and appreciate the beauty of the great outdoors and develop a sense of a higher power that will drive positive behavior. As a boarding school for troubled boys, we use the surrounding outdoor environment as a classroom where your son is taught to face daily challenges head-on, without excuses. Where some boys who are disruptive often get a “time out,” TCBR gives them a “time in” – time in the great outdoors, time in reflection and time in communication with God.main-img

TCBR’s approach is unique to programs for troubled youth because we do not suppress your son’s risk-seeking behavior. Instead, at our ranch for troubled teens, we channel it into productive actions that help condition him to return to your home environment with the skills to properly manage his own behavior so he can become a contributing member of society. Over the years, our graduates from the troubled teen program have gone on to have successful careers in the Army, the Air Force, the Marines, and the Navy Seals. They were once troubled teens and now they are risking their lives to make our country, and world, a safer place for all. Many have pursued success by earning undergrad and graduate degrees, while others have established themselves with a successful career in the skilled trades.

The staff at our troubled boys ranch is composed of trained mentors, some of whom are former TCBR residents. During your son’s stay, they will help him understand how to leverage his strengths and recognize his weaknesses. By doing so, your son will develop a greater sense of himself and his relationship to other people, to nature, and to God. Some of this development is through a caring approach by each staff member, and some is through an emphasis on individualized self-discipline that creates a greater sense of self-worth.

Unique to TCBR is the use of ranch duties to help foster self-esteem and learn valuable life occupational skills that will serve your son well as he matures. More than just a boot camp for troubled teens, TCBR is owned and operated by a Catholic family that uses both Christian ideals and the cowboy “Code of the West” to help struggling boys find their footing in an increasingly uncertain world. Our ranch duties include occupational training such as horsemanship, welding, mechanics, and heavy equipment operation, all of which help strengthen the body, educating the mind, and elevating the spirit of your son.

At TCBR, your son’s scholastic education is a high priority. Your son will continue to receive his education through one of the academic programs from accredited institutions we have incorporated into our daily regimen. Our academic programs include one-on-one support that takes into account those boys who have learning disabilities or who have a history of classroom behavior.

We believe that every boy who comes to Triangle Cross Ranch is intrinsically good and capable of receiving the help to better their lives.