Long-Term Opioid Treatment and Substance Abuse Program

Is your son smoking marijuana? He will eventually be exposed to opioid use… Know the facts and get him help today!
Triangle Cross Ranch has a Long-Term Opioid Treatment Program that uses the most effective treatment modalities to help struggling young men regain control of their lives. As a response to the current public health emergency our nation is facing with respect to the use and abuse of prescription pain-killers and other narcotic opioids, Triangle Cross Ranch has designed a comprehensive system of care that has been highly effective in addressing this crisis.

Our Long-Term Opioid Treatment Program uses a 12-step model that also incorporates individual counseling, family-based therapy, equine-assisted psychotherapy, as well as a host of other evidence-based therapeutic interventions. By providing qualified staff in a therapeutic community, Triangle Cross Ranch will work with your son and customize a treatment plan based on his individual needs. We believe that the key to treating adolescent substance abuse issues lies in focusing on the total health of the child and that, in promoting improvements in physical, spiritual and social well-being, your child will overcome his struggles and reach his full potential.

Did you know that there were 64,000 opioid-related deaths in America last year? More than the total casualties in the Vietnam War and equivalent to having a 911 attack occur twice a week for 1 year….

Triangle Cross Ranch believes that there are many pathways to recovery and that our duty in “unfolding the boy’s mind as God created him” is to expose each boy to the many possibilities that they can take in order to become the men that they were designed to be. Our ranch setting is an ideal location in which to offer such possibilities, as a variety of vocational-technical activities are available and provide an opportunity for our staff to become highly engaged with each young man. In addition to functioning as job-skills training, these ranch activities also provide a radical cultural change that will allow your child a chance to find purpose and belonging in the challenging experience of “cowboying” in the Rocky Mountains.

We feel that our use of the “Code of the West” and our promotion of honesty, courage, and integrity are characteristics that most of the young men who enter our program admire and wish to portray. Triangle Cross Ranch’s use of the iconic American Cowboy as a role model and hero of perpetual self-overcoming is a highly unique and effective way to re-build the sense of dignity and esteem in the struggling teens who are constantly searching for acceptance. Although providing a substitute community and recovery culture is the aim of most mutual aid groups (Alcoholics Anonymous, etc.), we believe that our success comes from the fact that ranch work does not suppress the thrill-seeking behavior that addicts exhibit and, therefore, poses as an attractive and alternative option to abusing substances.

Did you know that 20 percent of high school students have used prescription medication for nonmedical purposes? Did you know that an estimated 1.5 million teenagers meet criteria for having a substance use disorder… yet only 7% will ever receive treatment for that disorder?

The adolescent years are ones in which we learn how to take risks, experiment, and discover ourselves; this enables us to become socially outgoing, to adapt to our environment, and to rely on our own internal resources when we do things like change careers or buy homes later in life. Recent studies have shown that the prefrontal cortex of the brain, which is responsible for assessing risks and exercising sound judgement, is not fully formed until the person is in their mid 20’s. For this reason, the teenage years are a critical window of vulnerability to substance use disorders that requires both an early intervention and an on-going system of support to ensure that drug experimentation does not turn into addiction.

At Triangle Cross Ranch, we firmly believe that redirecting risk-taking behavior is an essential element to treating adolescent drug addiction and of helping young men grow and mature. We use a cognitive-behavioral approach when mentoring each child that allows us to influence their outlook and problem-solving abilities in a healthy and productive manner. In addition, this approach also succeeds in helping each boy become future-oriented, self-directed, attuned to destructive behavioral tendencies, and able to develop and implement healthy coping skills. Because our therapeutic community at Triangle Cross Ranch helps to build personal and social responsibility in each of our clients, we have found that most of the boys we work with are able to sustain their sobriety when they return home.

Did you know that around 50% of adolescents receiving treatment for substance use disorder were referred to treatment by the criminal justice system… That means that of the 1.5 million adolescents who need help, only 3.5% have parents who don’t “turn a blind eye” to their child’s problems.

We recommend that the length of stay for a child who is struggling with cannabis use be a minimum of 9 months; for those young men who have begun abusing opioids, the recommended treatment length is 18 months. Please do not let your child become a statistic!!! Call us today to get him the help he needs!!!