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Triangle Cross Ranch News keeps families informed of their troubled teen’s activities & news about the ranch. We understand how important it is for parents to know what’s going on in their troubled teen’s life while staying with us. Read below to find out what we’ve been up to here at the troubled teen camp, Triangle Cross Ranch.

Summer News

We are proud to announce the news of the biggest single class of graduates at Triangle Cross Ranch! We had five young men graduate from Triangle Cross Ranch at one time. All of these young men took ownership of their education and managed to graduate from high school with grade point averages of 3.00 and above!

Our unique motivational method of educating the mind, body, and spirit proves once again that young men who were previously failing in school can achieve amazing goals when given the means and proper boundaries to do so.

We think it is impressive that several of these young men were only 16 years old when they graduated with a high school diploma. All have plans to continue their education and go on to college within the next school year.
The week before their graduation the young men participated in a three-day retreat offered for all the young men of the area. It was a really powerful experience for all! Some highlights of the retreat topics are Courage, being a man of moral integrity.

How to love authentically.
Healing past hurts.

Spring 2009 News:

Triangle Cross Ranch now has a fully equipped Sports Center! We at Triangle Cross Ranch are very thankful for the generous grant given to us by Daniels Fund that made our dream a reality. We are soon to finish the second part of our latest building project which is an indoor equine (horse) arena. These to additions to our Youth Ranch facilities makes our program for troubled teens that much more effective.
Our new Sports Center includes a basketball court, ping-pong tables boxing ring, wrestling mats, and exercise equipment. The boys love to play dodgeball, and basketball, they find it to be a great release of all their extra energy!

Fall/Winter News 2007-2008

The summer was very busy this year. The Sunlight basin pasture was so beautiful with a carpet of wildflowers and good grazing for our cows and calves. We developed new water lines, removed old fences and rode many miles trailing cattle to sections of land that haven’t been seen since the American Indian lived here.image2
Our project list keeps growing and we have materials to add on to our corral system that will include a calving/cow barn and an indoor horse arena. Our Frontier dining hall is still an ongoing project. It is under roof and “buttoned up” with siding being installed.
This was a great year for haying and corn. The harvest was a great success and our boys learned a lot about farming and saw lots of time on tractors and driving heavy equipment. Our new garden was a huge success, not counting what we fed the deer, but we all learned through consequences. We have a new “root cellar” to store our produce in at Frontier. The boys enjoyed this project and liked seeing what the garden produced.
The cows came home in October. We trailed them over 25 miles home. The boys finally decided that riding horses over shorter periods of time is much more fun than 8-10 hours in the saddle. The cows have been cleared for pregnancy and we are feeding and getting ready for calving, starting in January. We look forward to a large crop of calves this year and teaching boys about the importance of our fragile life cycle.
God bless all of you for your support and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

November 2007

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October 2007

Triangle Cross Ranch offered 3 Teenage boys from Washington DC the experience of a lifetime!

“Clide, Rick and Mitch” had never seen country life beyond the TV. They experienced the wild beauty of Clark, Wyoming first hand! They were sent to Triangle Cross Ranch by Public officials from DC who felt they could not offer these young men the help they needed. “The youth ranch was chosen because of its impressive record of helping even tough cases of troubled teens, addicted to drugs, alcohol, and sex,” said the contact from DC.
Their 45 days stay dramatically changed their outlook. “Mitch,” said, ” I never wanted to change what I was doing with my life until now”! He said he will never forget the experience of going on a 3-day cattle drive from the beautiful Sunlight Mountain range where the Schneider graze their cattle June through October each year. “He looked like a natural born cowboy in the saddle” Said Jerry.

April and May 2007

The troubled teen camp has had a busy spring! The boys finished up calving the beginning of May. We had over 350 new calves born this year! Calving is always a positive experience for the boys; they are responsible for new life and involved in every aspect including middle of the night feedings.motivate
The branding was a huge success and a lot of fun was had by all. This is traditional ranch branding that included roping, bull dogging, good food and lots of work. This type of activity is important for the troubled teen because it teaches them teamwork and about the heart of ranching where everything that is done comes together in one place. It is a cycle of life that the boys can be a part of.
The boys have also been working on many projects (experiential learning!) on the ranch. The Fort Wilderness dining hall project has been an ongoing project and the roof and porch is now finished. The garden is also growing! The boys will be very busy weeding, and monitoring it this summer. The rewards will be tasted by all!
The boys are learning more about horses and how to work cattle while on horseback. The troubled teen can learn a lot about himself while working with horses; including patience, endurance, flexibility, being quiet, and listening skills just to name a few. They are also assuming more responsibility and this helps their confidence.
Just to give an idea of a few things we are doing as we are ending May and heading into June…. we are busy planting, irrigating, riding horses, working with cattle, gardening, building, working daily on school work and getting ready for Cow Camp up on our summer range in the beautiful Sunlight Mountains.
We hope everyone has a great summer!
*We also want to share that Rocky Mountain Clothing Company is now one of MTC’s benefactors with their generous donation of Cinch jeans, shirts and hats as well as Cruel Girl clothing for our staff and boys. We are all proud to wear this wonderful clothing and want to extend our gratitude to Rocky Mountain Clothing Company!
February and March 2007

As spring is quickly approaching, the staff and boys at troubled teen camp, Triangle Cross, are very busy with calving season. This requires a lot from the boys and the staff; throughout the night staff and boys wake up and check the heifers (cattle that are pregnant for the first time), sometimes even helping deliver calves if necessary! Of course, there is the usual demand of middle of the night calve feedings as well.
During the days, boys are busy studying, checking heifers, moving cattle, pulling calves and all that entails. When a calf gets born too early or has other problems, we try to assign a troubled teen to take care of the baby and to use that responsibility to build up their self esteem and self respect (the boys don’t know they are being taught science and animal husbandry at the same time!) They are also helping to build new corrals for the cows. This involves learning to measure, construction skills, teamwork, and patience!
We also have a new part-time staff member, Charlie Moore, who has helped to rebuild the chicken coops and is helping to design a garden for the summer as well as building a new greenhouse. The boys are actively involved in the planning and are amazed at the plan for 5 TONS of various vegetables and some fruit! We are all excited that Mr. Moore is part of the Triangle Cross team!
A new bath/dining area is also being built and is an ongoing project. The boys are hands-on and learning math and carpentry while they watch what they are building take shape. Again, patience and teamwork are extremely important skills they are learning without even being aware of it!
As spring approaches we will be looking forward to spring branding. Branding is a ranch activity that the boys really enjoy. We will start getting the fields ready for spring planting in April. We will be moving cows to sunlight in late spring and will be getting ready for cow camp this summer.
As you can see we are busy, busy, busy with ranch life and with the ranch lifestyle, helping the troubled teen enrich his minds, strengthen his body, and heal his spirit.
October 16-21 2006

This week started off with a plan to go to the natural corrals which are in the sunlight basin area. This is where we will round up the cattle from this summer and bring them home to the troubled teen camp for the fall/winter grazing. With the cattle that are already here, there has been a lot of preg-testing and immunizations to prepare for the long winter. Preg-testing is how we know if the mother cow has a live baby calf inside that will be born in February.
The boys have also had the opportunity to catch up on any school work with the assistance of our new teacher Mr. Larry Ley. Mr. Ley has been keeping busy taking time to become acquainted with the boys, their parents, and their goals, as well as accentuating the academics of our program.
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