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Wyoming boys ranch boarding school for troubled teens
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Long-term Program & Reality Counseling

Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC offers a strong educational program that includes academic curriculum, vocational and technical training for troubled boys. Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC is licensed by the state of Wyoming. The combination of a working ranch environment, personal relationships with staff, teen residents, and expert life coach and mentorship, form the key to success. As a struggling boy turns away from problematic behavior, risky behaviors, he moves into a cowboy-influenced culture of truth, faith, honesty and determination.

boys ranch for troubled boysMany young men today suffer from a lack of responsibility. On the ranch, we assign chores based on each boy’s capabilities in the current season, and find a specific type of work to spark their interest. Chores, depending on season, include: horse care, feeding baby calves, participating in cattle drives, building fences, repairing and maintaining ranch vehicles and farm equipment.

Executive Director, Jerry Schneider, says, “Struggling boys desire to feel needed.  They need to believe that they are important to the day-to-day well-being of their family.  On the ranch, they learn quickly that they are vitally important to the ranch family.  Boys respond and grow when they truly believe they are part of something bigger than themselves.”

By accepting these responsibilities, the troubled teen boys learn self-discipline. They quickly see that the work is necessary for the survival of the ranch. They also learn cooperation, which promotes self-esteem. Experiencing personal responsibility often motivates boys to complete their schoolwork—we call this Reality Counseling.

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boys ranch for troubled boys