Triangle Cross Ranch Staff
The staff at Triangle Cross Ranch are all committed to one goal, and that is helping every young man reach his full potential to lead a healthy productive life. Our young adult transitions life skill program is headed by gifted individuals whose main objective is to guide troubled teens to the right path through positive behavior improvement, developing a sound work ethic, character building through “Real Life Experiences” and life enriching activities.

Gerald Schneider (Jerry) & Michaeleen Schneider (Mickey) – Founders of Triangle Cross Ranch:

staff1The Founders of Triangle Cross Ranch were honored by the state of Wyoming as “Parents of the Year” award in 2002. They were recently awarded the “Fidelity Award” from Catholic Central in Michigan for the unwavering dedication to the Catholic principles of education of this distinguished private school.
Perhaps the first ideas for some of the Triangle Cross Ranch philosophies came from Jerry’s childhood where he was taught by the Brother’s of the Holy Cross in the all boys’ school that he attended. Or maybe it was the all men’s college where he earned his engineering degree. Wherever the ideas came from, only a man with the determination, perseverance, and humble nature of Jerry Schneider could have realized the vision.
After two years working as an engineer, Jerry decided that he was called to something different. He traded in the office chair for the saddle, and in 1967, started ranching in Wyoming. It took a few years before he found his home, but that happened in 1973 when he purchased the land that would one day be Triangle Cross Ranch. It was on this piece of land that he and his wife Mickey decided they would raise their family of six children.

Jerry’s long resume shows the tenacity and hard work of a Wyoming cowboy. Jerry has worn many hats over the years, from a college instructor to a boxing coach. He has owned and operated five different businesses and has been a Wyoming rancher for nearly forty years.
He learned about raising children by being a father to his own six children; Angie, Susie, Danny, twins: Matt and Mark, and Luke. Each of the Schneider children have grown to desire giving to God in their own way; from working with troubled youth, living the missionary life, becoming a priest and Carmelite monk, to obtaining an MBA, each lives to give back.
Mickey and Jerry have always felt that their calling was to be parents. Since 1967, when the first troubled youth came to live with them, they have extended this parenting beyond their own family. Over the years, more troubled youth who were in need of some help would come and stay with the Schneider’s. Then in November of 1991, while working cattle on the mountain, Jerry’s horse somersaulted over the top of him. He awoke in the hospital to find that he had lost movement on one side of his body. Knowing how unforgivable Wyoming can be to a cowboy, and how even the strongest, sometimes can’t make it, Jerry wondered how he could continue to run his ranch with a disability such as this.
The origin of Triangle Cross: After thinking and praying about it, a couple young men offered their assistance, to help the ranch stay afloat. After those original two troubled youth, they just kept coming. Through his accident, Jerry learned that his true calling was in helping troubled youth find themselves, the way that God created them. He found the rewards of this greater than those found raising cattle, “so now we do both”.
Micky was born August 2, 1945 and is the oldest of 12 children. Mickey and Jerry married in 1963 and had 6 children of their own. Mickey was a CNA for two years before deciding to become a stay at home mother. Mickey and Jerry started taking troubled youth into their home in 1992 and Triangle Cross Ranch Youth Ranch was formed in 1996. Mickey says that “my own children were troubled youth so I really understand how helpless other parents feel; the guilt, the “what did I do wrong?” question and all the whys.” Mickey’s experience with her own children as well as the troubled youth she has helped guide through the years has made Mickey an invaluable member of the Triangle Cross family.

Michael Morso – Program Director
Michael Morso was raised in Chicago, Illinois and moved to Clark, Wyoming in 1998, where he first met the Schneider family. After having lived and worked on the Schneider ranch for 3 years, Michael developed many occupational skills that enabled him to fund his educational pursuits: he worked as a welder/fabricator for several years before he received a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature from the University of Montana in 2006.
Shortly after receiving his degree, Michael began working as an aerial welder and a communications tower climber while he was applying for Graduate school. He has traveled all over the country erecting cell towers and became a crew foreman where he was exposed to very serious drug addictions and alcoholism among many of his co-workers.
It was in this experience that Michael first developed an interest in counseling addicts and in trying to help others repair damaged family relationships. After 6 years of working in such a rugged industry, Michael felt a vocational pull to begin helping struggling teens and contacted his former friend and mentor, Jerry Schneider.
Michael began working for Jerry Schneider in 2011, helping him develop a new program orientation for Triangle Cross Ranch Youth Ranch. The two men decided to open and develop another youth program, Triangle Cross Boy’s Ranch, which focuses more on recovery-oriented principles and individualized service plans to ensure permanent behavioral changes within the youths they encounter.
Through Michael and Jerry’s collaboration, Triangle Cross Boy’s Ranch has become a highly unique and effective program that offers students a chance to reach their potential by promoting their “global growth” in the emotional, behavioral, intellectual, and spiritual areas of their lives.

Michael claims that his educational background, which had a strong theoretical focus, has given him many tools and critical approaches that enables him to help the boys he mentors process their experiences.
As a mentor, some of Michael’s greatest strengths include his ability to offer struggling teens insight into the destructive realities their at-risk behavior is causing, as well as to help parents begin to understand and to forgive their son. Michael’s goal is to help, not only the struggling teen experience a lasting change, but to promote a healthy re-integration of the struggling teen back into their family’s home.
Michael and his wife, Amanda, live on the ranch with their son, Miles. Michael is currently pursuing certificates in addiction counseling and works one-on-one with each student at Triangle Cross Boy’s Ranch.