Triangle Cross Ranch Staff Credentials

Owner/Founder: Jerry Schneider

  • B.S. Engineering, Devry University in Chicago, IL
  • Administrating and assisting at-risk youth for 25+ years
  • Founder of 3 programs for at-risk young men.
  • Awarded Wyoming’s Parent of the Year 2002
  • Instructed Catechism at RCIA for 10+ years
  • USA Boxing Coach Certification
  • Owner/Operator of Schneider Ranch for 48 years
  • Rodeo Cowboy, Bareback Bronc and Bull Rider for 10+ years
  • Outfitting Elk Hunts for 5+ years


Michael Morso Credentials

  • B.A. English Literature, University of Montana, Missoula, 2006.staff2
  • Wyoming License: Peer Support Specialist 2014-023-U
  • NAADAC “Recovery to Practice” Certificate
  • Jason Flatt Suicide Prevention Certificate
  • CPR/First Aid Certificate, American Red Cross
  • OSHA “10-hour Occupational Safety and Health” Certificate
  • Administrating and assisting at-risk youth for 2+ years



  • B.S. Cross Disciplinary Studies summa cum laude, Dominican University in Ohio.james
  • M.A. Theology, Dominican University in Ohio.
  • “Protecting God’s Children” Certificate
  • CPR/First Aid Certificate
  • Active participation as a 4th Degree member of the Knights of Columbus
  • 12+ years of teaching theology and Catechism for both children and adults.
  • 4+ years experience working with at-risk youth.

Youth Mentor and Academics Headmaster: Stephen McKay

  • “Protecting God’s Children” Certificatestephen2
  • B.A. Humanities and Catholic Culture, Magna Cum Laude, Franciscan University of Steubenville, 2014
  • Recipient of the Christopher Dawson Award for Humanities & Catholic Culture 2013-2014, the Heart for Ministry Award 2012-2013, and N.C.H.S.S. Alpha Chi 2013-2014.
  • CPR/First Aid Certificate
  • NAADAC “Recovery to Practice” Certificate
  • Participated in 2 mission trips: (1) Managua, Nicaragua 2012 & (2) Steubenville, Ohio 2013
  • Participation in a variety of volunteer and service opportunities, e.g., works of mercy programs while at F.U.S.
  • (Steubenville, OH/Pittsburgh, PA), Young Adult Ministry Coordinator Divine
  • Child parish (Dearborn, MI), Gleaner’s Food Bank (Detroit, MI)
  • Over 1 year of experience in working and facilitating the needs of at-risk youth.


Julie Ley Admin Assistant


  • College – Graduated Northwest College with a Degree in Administration. GPA 3.97.
  • Over five years of experience working with and facilitating the needs of parents with at-risk youth.


Educational Consultant: Margie Grant PHD

  • P.H.D., Curriculum and Leadership, University of Denver. Superintendent Endorsement, Wyoming and Alaskamargie
  • Special Education Director Endorsement
  • Principal Endorsement, Colorado, Wyoming and Alaska
  • Special Education Endorsement, Wyoming and Alaska
  • Regular Education Endorsement, Wyoming and Alaska
  • Elementary/Secondary Certificate
  • Masters of Social Work
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • School Social Worker Certificate
  • University of Wyoming
  • Bachelor of Special Education
  • Bachelor of Elementary Education
  • Bachelor of Social Work


Parent Coach and Youth Advocate: Kevin Johnson

My name is Kevin Johnson, I have two amazing children, which have provided me with three wonderful grandchildren. My passion is serving God and helping struggling teenagers and their families rebuild their relationships.
I became very interested in this field close to 28 years ago, when I was involved in an internship with a drug addiction group. I volunteered as a mentor (big brother) in therapeutic and wilderness type programs for several years before I chose to work with adolescence as a career. Working with adolescence and their families has been an integral part of my life, which I have found very rewarding. I enjoy seeing the growth in youngpeople as they turn their lives around and become productive adults. I have a great love for the outdoors and spend as much time there as possible. When in the outdoors I enjoy fishing, hunting, and camping. For many years, I have been involved in hunting and outdoor survival education as a certified instructor. While in the outdoors, I am awed by all God has created and I am able to find peace and reconnect.
This is a time I enjoy sharing with the younger generation, as it allows me to teach them alternative coping skills. As I step into the next phase of my life, I am able to share the years of knowledge and experience I have obtained with families in crisis. It has been very humbling to find that the things I have learned over many years of working in the field is comforting to these parents and families.
God has provided many amazing things in my life and it gives me a great sense of peace to know that the knowledge I have been given can now be shared to comfort, support, and help families navigate through a very difficult time in their lives.