Triangle Cross Ranch (TCR) is located on an authentic, 50,000-acre “working” Wyoming cattle ranch. We are a behavioral modification center with a strong vocational/technical program and an on-campus school. We are a residential program designed for troubled teenage boys, ages 10-17.  TCR offers a solution to families dealing with the negative effects their son’s environment has on their son by providing a cultural change in a location that is free of social media and other technology and is far removed from the temptation of drugs, alcohol, sex, and peer pressure. Independently owned and operated, we combine Christian ideals with the cowboy “Code of the West” to help struggling teens find value in honesty, integrity, simplicity, and determination.

The boys who have attended here and their families have found that the culture we provide on our family operated cattle ranch is successful in educating the mind, strengthening the body, and building the spirit of our students so that they will be more self-confident and successful when returning home. With over 25 years of experience, TCR not only repairs the damaged self-esteem of the struggling adolescent but also helps mend the family relationships that his poor decisions have negatively impacted. A focus on Christian morality allows the young man to become more aware and cognizant of the ways in which his poor choices are hurting others. We believe that every boy who comes to Triangle Cross Ranch is intrinsically good and capable of receiving the help they need to better their lives! They just need a place away from all the distractions of the world so they can find a successful path for their life, learn to practice integrity, and develop healthy relationship skills.

Triangle Cross Ranch’s approach is unique compared to other programs for troubled youth because it is based on mentoring each child while engaging with the challenging activities that are routinely performed on a cattle ranch. While doing so, our mentors are able to help the at-risk teens who enter our program reveal their hidden strengths and talents. We believe that it is by directing, rather than suppressing, the risk-seeking behaviors of our boys that we are able to create young men who are strong, goal-oriented, and excited about their futures.

The cowboy lifestyle the boys at Triangle Cross Ranch experience requires them to learn how to conduct themselves as young men, willing to confront the challenges of each day without excuses. Some of the activities in which your son may participate while here include cattle drives, branding, riding horses on our mountain range outside of Yellowstone National Park, welding, mechanics, and carpentry (some activities are seasonal). We believe that our ranch activities will help build a sense of dignity and self-esteem within your son. In order to bring the best out in your son, we help him develop skills which align with his natural instincts such as to build, to protect those in need, to hunt and fish for food, to have a warrior’s determination, and to develop wisdom in decision making by living the cowboy way of life. Triangle Cross Ranch helps to develop many valuable life skills that other youth programs do not offer.

Triangle Cross Ranch has a focus on teaching successful substance abuse recovery techniques that have helped many young men with substance abuse disorders achieve long-term sobriety. We collaborate with our team to develop a recovery plan that promotes long-term remission from drug and alcohol usage. In addition to initiating sobriety in a drug- and alcohol-free facility, we focus on many other aspects of our students’ lives that will help them become resilient and able to abstain from substance abuse when they return home. We give students tools that help with conflict resolution and relapse prevention. These same tools work well with more modern digital addiction concerns that technology and computers have introduced. Our students are also provided with daily counseling sessions with our mentors and individual weekly sessions with our life-coach. This doesn’t stop when your son returns home! His mentor and life coach will be available for the first several months after his graduation from the program as he transitions back into his home environment. We continue to work with him and his family to use the skills he has learned to settle in well and continue his progress while at home. If need be, he can return for a 30-day period to refresh and recharge (see details of our guarantee below).

By exposing at-risk teens to a culture that promotes the simplicity and earnestness of ranch work, Triangle Cross Ranch frees the child from material frivolities and makes him aware that happiness and plenitude come from within one’s own heart. Unlike many other troubled teen boot camps, at Triangle Cross Ranch we recognize that each young man who comes to our program is unique, precious, and irreplaceable. They are created unique and have every quality they need to be successful in their life. Our “person-centered” approach to mentoring struggling teens will succeed in correcting many deviant behaviors such as theft, dishonesty, defiance, sexual promiscuity, impulsive/uncontrolled choices, academic under-achievement, low self-esteem, depression, and uncontrollable anger.
Over the years, many of the boys who have completed our troubled teen program have gone on to have successful careers in all branches of the Armed Forces, including the Navy Seals. Some have gone on to pursue both undergrad and graduate degrees. Many have lucrative professional careers, some have entered the skilled trades, and a few have entered into church service. At Triangle Cross Ranch, we pride ourselves on having longstanding relationships with the young men who enter our lives and become extended members of our family. In fact, some of our current mentors are former students who now offer troubled teens insight on how to overcome their struggles, leverage their strengths, recognize their weaknesses, and maintain healthy relationships with others in their lives.

Our program includes an academic curriculum from accredited educational institutions which your son will attend to earn a high school diploma. They receive one-on-one tutoring and academic advisement as needed while they work through their custom educational plan based on the classes they completed before arriving. Additionally, Triangle Cross Ranch also offers an array of job skills training such as horsemanship, welding, mechanics, and agricultural technology as electives, all of which help strengthen the body, educate the mind, and elevate the spirit within your son.

We hope that by navigating our website you will find that the location of our program is an ideal atmosphere where your son will develop the integrity and character that defines what it is to be a “man.” The length of Triangle Cross Ranch’s program is determined by the needs of your child and the personal goals you have for him. An average stay is 9-12 months.

Triangle Cross Ranch is owned by Jerry Schneider, who has over 28 years of experience in helping struggling teenage boys reform their lives. By using Jerry’s unique mentoring philosophy on the farm and ranch, Triangle Cross Ranch will instill in your son the traditional ethics and values upheld in our “cowboy culture.” Attending church helps to reinforce the Christian values they see in action all week on the ranch. As a matter of interest, Jerry’s program was featured in the film “The Code of the West: Alive and Well in Wyoming,”* where the inherent therapeutic value of the cowboy lifestyle is explained and celebrated.

* We extend sincere gratitude to friend and colleague, Jim Havey at “Havey Productions”, and to the “Center for Cowboy Ethics and Leadership”  for its portrayal of our program in “A Different Culture we were featured in The Code of the West: Alive and Well in Wyoming.

Our adolescent program is licensed by the Wyoming Department of Family Services to help at-risk young men, ages 10-17. If your son is 18 or older please visit our young adult program at

We are so confident that we can produce lasting change through our program that we offer a guarantee: if your son relapses back to his previous behavior within the first 6 months of Graduation after a successful 12 months in our care (or longer), and if the Director determines that he needs more time at TCR, we will take your son back free of charge for 30 days.

Our troubled teen at-risk behavior improvement program helps boys who display difficulty in these areas: 
* Academic underachievement * Rebellious and defiant * Cigarette usage * Vaping * Digital addiction * Suspension or expulsion from school * ADD/ADHD *  Anxiety * Anger management * Defiance toward parents * Low self-esteem * Abandonment issues * Social interaction * Adoption issues * Emotionally troubled * Divorce reaction * Peer/Sibling conflict * Occult involvement * Sexual promiscuity * poor peer choice * depression * narcissistic behavior *