Our Service Team

Triangle Cross Ranch uses a network of mental health professionals, educational consultants, recovery coaches, social workers, spiritual directors, youth mentors, and vocational/technical instructors in order to provide dynamic and effective service plans for the struggling teens who enter our program. By having a service team that is composed of both direct program employees and contract professionals, Triangle Cross Ranch is able to draw upon the many external resources available in our local community to create a collaborative system of care that will benefit your son.

Staff Credentials

Owner/Founder: Jerry Schneider

  • B.S. Engineering, Devry University in Chicago, IL
  • Administrating and assisting at-risk youth for 25+ years
  • Founder of 3 programs for at-risk young men.
  • Awarded Wyoming’s Parent of the Year 2002
  • Instructed Catechism at RCIA for 10+ years
  • USA Boxing Coach Certification
  • Owner/Operator of Schneider Ranch for 48 years
  • Rodeo Cowboy, Bareback Bronc and Bull Rider for 10+ years
  • Outfitting Elk Hunts for 5+ years

The Founders of Triangle Cross Ranch were honored by the state of Wyoming as “Parents of the Year” award in 2002. They were recently awarded the “Fidelity Award” from Catholic Central in Michigan for the unwavering dedication to the Catholic principles of education of this distinguished private school.
Perhaps the first ideas for some of the Triangle Cross Ranch philosophies came from Jerry’s childhood where he was taught by the Brother’s of the Holy Cross in the all boys’ school that he attended. Or maybe it was the all men’s college where he earned his engineering degree. Wherever the ideas came from, only a man with the determination, perseverance, and humble nature of Jerry Schneider could have realized the vision.
After two years working as an engineer, Jerry decided that he was called to something different. He traded in the office chair for the saddle, and in 1967, started ranching in Wyoming. It took a few years before he found his home, but that happened in 1973 when he purchased the land that would one day be Triangle Cross Ranch. It was on this piece of land that he and his wife Mickey decided they would raise their family of six children.

Jerry’s long resume shows the tenacity and hard work of a Wyoming cowboy. Jerry has worn many hats over the years, from a college instructor to a boxing coach. He has owned and operated five different businesses and has been a Wyoming rancher for fifty years.
He learned about raising children by being a father to his own six children; Angie, Susie, Danny, twins: Matt and Mark, and Luke. Each of the Schneider children have grown to desire giving to God in their own way; from working with troubled youth, living the missionary life, becoming a priest and Carmelite monk, to obtaining an MBA, each lives to give back.
Mickey and Jerry have always felt that their calling was to be parents. Since 1967, when the first troubled youth came to live with them, they have extended this parenting beyond their own family. Over the years, more troubled youth who were in need of some help would come and stay with the Schneider’s. Then in November of 1991, while working cattle on the mountain, Jerry’s horse somersaulted over the top of him. He awoke in the hospital to find that he had lost movement on one side of his body. Knowing how unforgivable Wyoming can be to a cowboy, and how even the strongest, sometimes can’t make it, Jerry wondered how he could continue to run his ranch with a disability such as this.
The origin of Triangle Cross: After thinking and praying about it, a couple young men offered their assistance, to help the ranch stay afloat. After those original two troubled youth, they just kept coming. Through his accident, Jerry learned that his true calling was in helping troubled youth find themselves, the way that God created them. He found the rewards of this greater than those found raising cattle, “so now we do both”.
Micky was born August 2, 1945 and is the oldest of 12 children. Mickey and Jerry married in 1963 and had 6 children of their own. Mickey was a CNA for two years before deciding to become a stay at home mother. Mickey and Jerry started taking troubled youth into their home in 1992 and Triangle Cross Ranch Youth Ranch was formed in 1996. Mickey says that “my own children were troubled youth so I really understand how helpless other parents feel; the guilt, the “what did I do wrong?” question and all the whys.” Mickey’s experience with her own children as well as the troubled youth she has helped guide through the years has made Mickey an invaluable member of the Triangle Cross family.

Program Director: Michael Morso

  • B.A. English Literature, University of Montana, Missoula, 2006.staff2
  • Wyoming License: Peer Support Specialist 2014-023-U
  • NAADAC “Recovery to Practice” Certificate
  • Jason Flatt Suicide Prevention Certificate
  • CPR/First Aid Certificate, American Red Cross
  • OSHA “10-hour Occupational Safety and Health” Certificate
  • Administrating and assisting at-risk youth for 10 years


Program Manager: Matthew Schneider

  • B.A. Psychology, University of Wyoming, 2007.
  • CPR/First Aid Certificate
  • MANDT Instructor Certificate
  • Jason Flatt Suicide Prevention Certificate
  • 35 years of farming/ranching
  • USA Boxing Coach 15+ years
  • Administering and assisting at-risk youth for 15+ years


Business Manager: Julie Ley

  • College – Graduated Northwest College with a Degree in Administration. stephen
  • Over 10 years of experience working with and facilitating the needs of parents with at-risk youth.

Julie has been married for over 25 years and has two children and a granddaughter. Her hobbies include reading, playing with her grandbaby and spending time with her family and friends.

Mentor/Educational Facilitator: Tony Bonse

  • Graduated from Wyoming Catholic College with BA in Liberal Art
  • Certified CNA
  • Certified in CPR
  • Certified in Nonviolent Crisis Intervention
  • Certified in VIRTUS training

Tony Bonse is native to Wyoming and a strong advocate for the western/ranching culture and code of ethics. He attended Wyoming Catholic College as a member of the first class and graduated in 2011 with a B.A. in the Liberal Arts with a strong emphasis in philosophy, humanities, and theology. After college, and over a period of five years, Tony worked in a variety of rehabs and mental health institutions which helped him gain valuable skills and experience which has furthered his work at Triangle Cross Ranch.
At TCR Tony has worked as a mentor, education facilitator, and ranch hand for over a year. During his time, he has seen the need for troubled young men to experience the fulfilling yet demanding lifestyle of a working ranch environment. He believes the benefits of such an experience is beyond measure and would willing help those in need of this excellent opportunity.

Mentor: Dustin Johnson

Dustin Johnson grew up in central Florida, fishing and adventuring in the mangrove swamps and islands of Tampa Bay. Growing up in a Christian family, he felt stuck in a faith he did not want to be a part of. College was a major time of change, while studying business administration and general counseling from a Christian perspective he started to realize how much God loved him, and the gravity of sin in his life.

After earning his Bachelors degree, he went to work in Christian schools teaching Bible and technology; it was here that Dustin realized his God gifting in a vocation of helping teens restore their relationship with their families. After several years of teaching mainstream students, he had an opportunity to work with at-risk teens in residential schools. Having spent almost ten years working with at-risk boys and their families; God has continually demonstrated His desire and faithfulness to heal, forgive, and restore families.

Mentor/Instructor/Life Coach: Jessica Parker

Jessica felt a strong calling to Triangle Cross Ranch after work in faith-based, animal-assisted therapy and prison ministry in Colorado. With a professional background in veterinary medicine (BS), rangeland ecology (MS, PhD) and sustainable agriculture, Jessica has experienced the healing potential of reconnecting people with the land and with community to restore healthy relationships. Working in places as diverse as the Great Plains, the American Southwest, New England, tropical Indonesia, and Central and South America, Jessica unites a deep love of God’s Creation with a deep passion for walking with the wounded in their suffering and recovery. Certified in Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy (O.K. Corral), Jessica facilitates opportunities for spiritual and emotional healing through experiential learning with animals, nature, and agriculture.

After spending several years discerning the call to consecrated religious life in the Catholic Church, Jessica remains deeply rooted in a contemplative approach to work and ministry with prayer as the wellspring for a strong foundation in faith, family, and land. Helping young people to grow through their lived experiences in active attention to the voice of God in their hearts, Jessica uses maternal role modeling and positive reinforcement models to inspire and empower long-term behavioral change, spiritual growth, and vocational development.

Jessica spends as much of her time as possible in God’s Creation and can most often be found hiking and kayaking with her beloved border collie Willa or spending time with her family in Colorado. Writing, photography, music and prayer balance her passion for the outdoors and inspire a deep love of God and others. She loves farming, good food, long walks, and deep connections with people and animals.

Mentor/Western Horsemanship Trainer: Daniel Huberty

Daniel is a Native American cowboy with a great love of horses who was a former youth at Triangle Cross Ranch. He graduated the program and continued learning and working with horses in Oklahoma. Dan took the values and work ethic he learned and applied them to his life. Dan decided to come back and continue to share his natural gifts and experience cowboying while mentoring the youth and educating them on basic cowboy style horsemanship and training working cattle horses.

Mentor/Mechanic /Vo-tech Trainer Certifications and Accomplishments: Ron T. Derocher

  • Vo-Tech Trainer in Mechanics- diesel and gas. Farm equipment, semis, welding, metal fabrication, machine shop training.
  • Certified mechanic since 1979.

High school class of 1978

  • Graduated early and enlisted in the Marines.

Marine Corps, 1977 – 1983

  • Trained in gas and diesel vehicle repair

Army 1987-1990

  • Infantry
  • Weapons Mechanic
  • 30 years’ experience
  • Born and raised in the Catholic faith

Ron’s hobbies include spending time with his beautiful wife. He also enjoys spending time outdoors, including hunting and fishing.

Chef/Mentor: Mary Bonse

Mary joined the Triangle Cross family as head of the kitchen in August 2017. Like any good chef, her passions include good food and feeding hungry people. She has 10 years of experience in restaurants and bakeries and completed EVIT culinary school in 2010. Her vision for each boy is to teach them basic kitchen skills, cleanliness, day planning and organization. Both which can be used in both a domestic setting or a professional setting.


Educational Consultant: Margie Grant PHD

  • P.H.D., Curriculum and Leadership, University of Denver. Superintendent Endorsement, Wyoming and Alaskamargie
  • Special Education Director Endorsement
  • Principal Endorsement, Colorado, Wyoming and Alaska
  • Special Education Endorsement, Wyoming and Alaska
  • Regular Education Endorsement, Wyoming and Alaska
  • Elementary/Secondary Certificate
  • Masters of Social Work
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • School Social Worker Certificate
  • University of Wyoming
  • Bachelor of Special Education
  • Bachelor of Elementary Education
  • Bachelor of Social Work


Consultant: Kevin Johnson
My name is Kevin Johnson, I have two amazing children, which have provided me with three wonderful grandchildren. My passion is serving God and helping struggling teenagers and their families rebuild their relationships.

I became very interested in this field close to 28 years ago, when I was involved in an internship with a drug addiction group. I volunteered as a mentor (big brother) in therapeutic and wilderness type programs for several years before I chose to work with ado
lescence as a career. Working with adolescence and their families has been an integral part of my life, which I have found very rewarding. I enjoy seeing the growth in young people as they turn their lives around and become productive adults. I have a great love for the outdoors and spend as much time there as possible. When in the outdoors I enjoy fishing, hunting, and camping. For many years, I have been involved in hunting and outdoor survival education as a certified instructor. While in the outdoors, I am awed by all God has created and I am able to find peace and reconnect.
This is a time I enjoy sharing with the younger generation, as it allows me to teach them alternative coping skills. As I step into the next phase of my life, I am able to share the years of knowledge and experience I have obtained with families in crisis. It has been very humbling to find that the things I have learned over many years of working in the field is comforting to these parents and families.
God has provided many amazing things in my life and it gives me a great sense of peace to know that the knowledge I have been given can now be shared to comfort, support, and help families navigate through a very difficult time in their lives.