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Therapeutic Working Ranch in Wyoming

Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC
We help struggling boys on a 50,000 acre working cattle ranch in Wyoming


A unique boarding & trade school, like Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC, provides your son an experience that will change him forever. With their distinctive outdoor adventure therapy and education program, Triangle Cross helps young boys unplug from devices and learn important life principles in a unique, transformational approach. 

Teen boys today are, on average, much less active than they used to be. Technology has provided so many easy ways for boys to entertain themselves that they are less likely to turn to the outdoors and physical activity as their primary hobbies or sources of entertainment. That’s why Triangle Cross therapeutic ranch in Wyoming is so successful at helping at-risk teens get out of their harmful ruts and patterns and develop new skills and useful character traits.

At Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC, teen boys engage physically by working with their hands and doing manual labor on the ranch. Countless studies have shown that hands-on hard work improves mental health by boosting serotonin and endorphin levels, making young boys feel better right away. Physical exercise also promotes increased energy, which can help boys feel motivated to engage in other activities and invest in meaningful relationships. This is critical to promoting the overall health of the mind, body, and spirit. The skills a boy develops in our vocational tech training can potentially lead him to profitable careers, adding a sense of enjoyment and fulfillment to his work.

Working on Triangle Cross therapeutic ranch in Wyoming also helps struggling teens develop a drive and work ethic, which is something they may not have been pushed to do at home or in school. Because there are so many jobs that must be completed every day, the teens quickly learn how to work hard and focus on the tasks that need to be completed. They are met with success on a daily basis, which rewards their hard work and helps boys internalize their newly discovered work ethic. When they take this task-oriented perspective home, boys will have increased success in school, at home, and later in life as they start a career.

Struggling teen boys discover and embrace new interests during their time living and working at the ranch. They are exposed to many areas of focus, including caring for animals, working with machinery, growing vegetables, and helping with other tasks. Each of these activities at Triangle therapeutic ranch can help introduce teen boys to new hobbies that they can then take back home with them to maintain continuity and resume their journey of growing into the best version of themselves.

One-of-a-Kind Ranch, Spiritual Support, and a Top Education in One…RESTORING YOUNG BOYS AND FAMILIES FOR A BRIGHTER FUTURE!

The struggling teen boys that come to Triangle Cross, leave with a deeper respect for authority, self-discipline, and the work ethic that helps them successfully transition into adulthood. See how the impact of hard work and spiritual development at Triangle Cross can reshape your struggling teen boy in positive a way through working the cattle ranch, wilderness learning, strong academics, vocation training, and our caring reality counseling. Through Triangle Cross’s strong academic program and hands-on ranching and farming, young men develop a deeper knowledge of their self-worth and dignity, gain a positive work ethic, sense of responsibility, and practical life skills.

We welcome your family to Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC, a special place where your son will learn the lessons of a lifetime. With over 30 years of experience with boys (ages 10-17), Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC enlists mentors in our approach to instill principles of family and love as well as the “Cowboy Code of the West” – an honorable, manly approach to life that is still alive and well in Wyoming. We call this “Reality Counseling” and your son will never be the same. Our experienced, caring and committed staff provides strong academics as well as trade school education.  Please contact us today.