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Troubled Boys in Brentwood California

Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC (TCR) is a behavioral modification and vocational/technical program for Troubled Boys in Brentwood California that is located on an authentic, 50,000 acre “working” Wyoming cattle ranch for troubled teenage boys, ages 12-18, we would love the opportunity to tell you about our affordable program.

Troubled Boys in in Brentwood California

Troubled Boys

If your troubled boys has gotten off track, he needs someone to confide in who will listen to him and guide him without judgment. We provide counseling throughout the week, both one-on-one and also group counseling sessions. Throughout each boy’s stay, we engage them constantly as someone they can talk to freely, making therapy non-threatening and ongoing in a more natural environment. We maintain a watchful eye, especially in the early days, but we do so while surrounding them with loving care and encouraging them toward a personal relationship with God. We run like a family, loving these boys unconditionally and going through the days next to them, coaching and training them. We are owned and operated by a Catholic family that uses both Christian ideals and the cowboy “Code of the West” to lead struggling teens to find value in honesty, integrity, simplicity, and determination.

Vocational and Technical Program for Special Troubled Boys in Beverly Hills, California

Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC: Vocational and Technical Program has a Mission to Give Troubled Boys a New Path in Life Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC: Vocational and Technical Program is a new home for troubled boys, who need proper direction to change the course of their lives. Parents bring their boys, age 12-17, to Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC: Troubled youth after seeing them begin a downward spiral which cannot be stopped by counseling alone.

Troubled Teens from all over the US come to our Vocational and Technical Program to live in a disciplined environment, learning obedience and personal responsibility through a renewed focus on faith, caring for themselves and their future, and through caring for the animals on our ranch. We value education as a privilege, and we teach boys to think about it in the same way.Troubled youth spend a lot of their free time fishing, playing sports, and just learning how to have wholesome fun again.The cowboy lifestyle the boys of Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC experience requires them to conduct themselves as men who are able to confront the challenges of each day without excuses or evasions.

How Vocational and Technical Program help Troubled Boys

Here, at Vocational and Technical Program for Troubled Youth, you’ll find a broad array of parenting guides and resources specifically tailored to whatever problem you or your teen is currently facing. Start with “Code of the West,” let’s face it, just about any mom or dad could use some pointers on that!—and move on to guides addressing bullying, behavioral problems, academic stresses, and more.These guides offer specific, actionable strategies for getting the response you seek from your teenager, whether you want them to talk, listen, or just stop acting out. Over the years, many of the boys who have completed our troubled teen program have gone on to have successful careers in all branches of the Armed Forces including the Navy Seals; others have gone on to pursue both undergrad and graduate degrees, many have lucrative professional careers, some have entered the skilled trades, and a few have entered the Priesthood. At Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC, we pride ourselves on having longstanding relationships with the young men who enter our lives and become extended members of our family. In fact, most of our current mentors are former students who know offer troubled teens insight on how to overcome their struggles, how to leverage their strengths, recognize their weaknesses, and how to maintain healthy relationships with others in their lives.

Troubled Boys

By exposing at-risk teens to a culture that promotes the simplicity and earnestness of ranch work, Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC frees the child from material frivolities and makes him aware that happiness and plenitude come from within one’s own heart. Unlike many other troubled teen boot camps, at Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC Program we recognize that each young man who comes to our program is unique, precious, and unrepeatable. Our “person-centered” approach to mentoring struggling teens will succeed in correcting many deviant behaviors such as theft, dishonesty, defiance, sexual promiscuity, impassivity, academic under-achievement, low self-esteem, depression, and uncontrollable anger. In approaching the challenge of parenting a difficult teenager, it’s important to be proactive. Be informed, but not obsessive, about your teen’s social and academic life, and use our checklists of warning signs for teen depression, suicide, drug use, and other behavioral problems to help guide your parenting tactics. With the right information on your side, you may be able to nip some of the most difficult teen problems in the bud, and prevent your teen from ever veering off the right track.

Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC: Vocational and Technical Program for Troubled Boys also provides information on a wide array of treatment options for struggling teenagers, including wilderness camps, boarding schools and boarding schools. Sometimes, removing a troublesome teen from your home can spare other family members the stress and strife of frequent disruptions. With the right information and intervention, even the most difficult teenager can be transformed into a stable, happy, successful adult. Don’t kid yourself—your teen isn’t going to just “grow out of” their troubles. They need you, maybe more than they ever have, and they need to know you’re willing to help them. Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC: Vocational and Technical Program is here to help, and give you the information and solutions you need to affect change. If your son or daughter is engaging in disruptive, risky behavior and you have exhausted all of your parenting abilities in trying to help them, perhaps now is the time to utilize the helping hands of caring professionals that specialize in working with struggling teens. Our program also includes an academic curriculum from accredited educational institutions from which your son will earn a high school diploma while receiving one-on-one tutoring and academic advisement. Additionally, Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC also offers an array of job-skills training such as horsemanship, welding, mechanics, and agricultural technology, all of which help strengthen the body, educating the mind, and elevating the spirit of your son.

We extend sincere gratitude to friend and colleague, Jim Havey at “Havey Productions” (www.haveypro.com), and to the “Center for Cowboy Ethics and Leadership” (www.cowboyethics.org) for its portrayal of our program in “A Different Culture: Mt. Carmel Youth Ranch” featured in The Code of the West. Our adolescent program is licensed by the Wyoming Department of Family Services to help at-risk young men, ages 12-17. If your son is 18 or older please visit our young adult program at beartoothmtascent.com

* Academic underachievement * Alcohol and drug abuse * Rebellious and defiant * Cigarette usageADD/ADHD * Poor peer choice * Depression * Narcissistic behavior * Anxiety * Anger management * Parental control * Low self-esteem * Abandonment issues * Social interaction * Adoption issues * Emotionally troubled * Divorce reaction * Peer/Sibling conflict * Occult involvement *

Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC is owned by Jerry Schneider, the founder of Mt. Carmel Youth Ranch, who has over 25 years of experience in helping struggling teenage boys reform their lives. By using Jerry’s unique mentoring philosophies on a farm and ranch environment, Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC will instill in your son the traditional ethics and values upheld in our “cowboy culture.” In fact, our predecessor program, Mt. Carmel Youth Ranch, was featured in the film The Code of the West: in Arlington, Texas*, where the inherent boys ranch value of the cowboy lifestyle is explained and celebrated.

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How do we help a Troubled Youth at risk? By unfolding the boy’s mind as God created him on a 50,000 acre working cattle ranch in the North West Corner of Wyoming near Yellow Stone National Park.To learn more about our featured Vocational and Technical Program – there is hope for Troubled Boys!