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We Help Teens with Depression

We can help your teen if he suffers from Depression, which is more than simply sadness or a feeling of impending doom.  Depression is an omnipresent sensation of hopelessness, despondency and worthlessness that surrounds his life, leaving him in distress without relief.  Symptoms of Depression can include loss of interest in once-enjoyed activities and hobbies, changes in appetite, weight or sleep, reduced energy, irritability, self-hatred, a hard time concentrating and inexplicable aches and pains.  Many people do not accurately understand Depression, and some who suffer from it are disinclined to seek treatment, troubled by the shame that may be attached to being identified with the illness.

Helping Teen Boys with Depression at Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC

Treatment for depression normally requires at least some level of professional assistance.  Therapy might well be combined with medication to help your son regain a more balanced approach to life’s challenges. Allowing him to reveal root causes of the depression, allows therapists to provide effective coping strategies for dealing with his feelings of helplessness and anguish.  He might also find respite of symptoms by making healthy changes in his nutritional and exercise habits, or by adding stress management techniques.  Most teens respond well to treatments, and have partial or total recovery from symptoms.

As parents, it may be difficult to recognize the symptoms, because the more normal teen response to depression is irritability, rather than sorrow.  Your son may also demonstrate enmity, crabbiness and loss of temper.  Teen depression can often lead to self-medication with drugs or alcohol, and create problems with schoolwork.  Depression is also a major cause of teen suicide, which emphasizes why you must find treatment now for your at-risk teen, rather than hoping things will work out on their own.

A Rugged, Caring boys ranch for At-Risk Teen Boys

At Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC, we focus on quality outdoor learning experiences, allowing boys to dig deep into problems, and begin to heal. Our remote, 50,000-acre working cattle ranch and farm sits near Yellowstone National Park in scenic NW Wyoming–a great place to learn important life lessons that set him on a new path for a life with meaning and purpose. Plus, our experienced, caring and committed staff provides strong academic support, as well as trade school education on-site. 

Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC also uses “Reality Therapy” to help your at-risk teen boy heal in mind, body and soul. Troubled boys receive the individualized care and attention that they need to treat depression, along with life-changing experiences and hands-on learning opportunities. Call us today at (307) 645-3322 and see if your son would be a good fit in our real life ranch boys ranch. We’re here to help!