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Working Cattle Ranch & Wilderness Learning

Here on the 50,000-acre working ranch and farm in rustic Wyoming, troubled young boys, ages 10-17, experience important life lessons that change them for good. Young men at Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC, face physical challenges daily caring for 1,000 cattle on our working cowboy ranch. We assign chores based on each boy’s capabilities, and find a specific type of work to spark their interest.

Chores include horse care, feeding baby calves, participating in cattle drives, building fences, repairing and maintaining ranch vehicles and farm equipment. Students also participate in wildlife and range management, welding, carpentry, horticulture, animal husbandry, veterinary assistance (calf vaccination, and delivery at birth), horsemanship, and horseshoeing. Some work in logging, operating farm equipment (tractor, backhoe, bulldozer), crop irrigation, and training stock dogs.

By changing his current lifestyle, your son will go through ‘real life’ therapy–on the ranch, at the farm, and in the great outdoors. Through participation and self-motivation, he’ll uncover his inner strengths and weaknesses.

These young boys learn to work hard physically and mentally to finish a task. The mountain rangelands that we run cattle on during the summer months provide a rugged working environment that 1) challenges inner resources 2) improves their attitudes 3) re-builds their self-esteem and 4) establishes a sense of dignity.

Plus our Outdoorsman program takes young men into remote wilderness areas of the Rocky Mountains on horseback. We introduce trapping to protect our livestock from predatory animals (coyotes, bobcats, foxes and badgers). We also teach fishing on the Buffalo Bill Reservoir and along the banks of the Yellowstone River.